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Big-box stores are a part of America’s retail landscape.
Retail warehouses, such as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., COSTCO, have embraced the business strategy of combining warehouse and retail operations as a cost-saving measure. They have become popular because they offer customers low prices and a “one-stop shopping” experience by providing a wide range of retail items from electronics to groceries under one roof.

However, shopping at these stores can be dangerous. Incidents of i...njury caused by falling merchandise at retail warehouses have skyrocketed in recent years. Most big-box retailers are self-service stores. Customers select and retrieve items from store shelves. Merchandise is often stacked on the sales floor above eye level. In addition, stocking activity is performed at various times of the day, including while customers are present.
Even with the increasing number of incidents, many retail warehouses have not adopted reasonable and easy-to-implement safety improvements, such as training employees,
limiting what merchandise can be stored on upper shelves, installing restraints to keep merchandise in place, using plastic wrap to keep products from shifting, and reducing the
use of lift equipment during store hours - thus increasing the risk of injury to their customers.

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