To be charged with driving under the influence (DUI), the level of alcohol in your blood system must test at 0.08 percent or higher if you are over the age of 21 or 0.02 percent if a minor.

But you could also be charged if a police officer believes your ability to drive was impaired.

An aggressive defense is necessary

At Pikrallidas & Associates, we understand the trepidation you may feel when accused of this serious crime. We also know there are many mitigating circumstances. When we agree to represent you, we become fully committed to your defense.

Our experienced DUI defense attorneys know how and when to question whether proper procedure was followed in your traffic stop and arrest. We evaluate the proper functioning of the breath test equipment and the validity of field sobriety tests. We vigorously cross-examine the arresting officers. With the help of expert testimony, we determine critical evidence for your case.

We stand by your side

You do not have to face DUI charges alone. A Pikrallidas & Associates drunk driving defense lawyer can be at your side throughout the entire legal process.

A conviction can seriously alter your quality of life. Penalties for a first-time offense can include jail time, fines, ignition interlock and license suspension. If this is not your first offense, penalties are even more severe with greater minimum mandatory jail sentences and longer license suspensions.

We care about you and your case. We do all we can to prepare the best possible defense to limit your risks. Along the way, we will always keep you informed of your plea agreement options and the possible outcomes of DUI litigation.

Aggressive pursuit of justice

The legal team at the Fairfax, VA law firm of Pikrallidas & Associates has been committed to our clients' best interests since our founding in 1992. We place them ahead of all else. When you need an attorney who is focused, aggressive, yet compassionate to handle your drunk driving case, call us at 703-267-2600 or contact us online. Hablamos español.

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